42. The answer to all questions. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

This, that and the other. Mostly, the other.
[* Eta, ota ar sheta. Mostly, sheta * – Bangla]

I’m Krishanu. Lived in various parts of India – Kolkata (first 18 years of my life), Nagpur (4 years of college), Bhubaneshwar (half a year), Chennai (2 and half years) – for 25 years and now over 10 years in Minnesota. Seen a quite a bit, met a lot of interesting people, friends with a few.

I write about anything and everything that catches my fancy, and my mind is a veritable busy bee, jumping from one topic to another. Do I have the authority on each of the subjects I write? The short answer is, no.  But this being my space, I am not going to let that be a barrier.

My wife is a Yooper. You can read more about us here. We have a baby girl.



If you are still expecting an ‘answer’ to anything, I’m afraid you’ll be sorely disappointed. That’s all nerdy gibberish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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