A looong ride

Last Sunday, August 18th, I went out on a motorcycle ride with a group of dedicated bikers. This group of people have been riding together for many years, and enjoy long distance riding.  This was, by far, the most I’ve ridden on my motorcycle, in a single day – 340 miles or 544 kilometers. To put into perspective, it is almost the same distance as a one way trip from Minneapolis to Milwaukee. Or a little more than one way from Kolkata to Puri!

Here is the route we traveled. I started from our home in Brooklyn Park and went down to Rosemount, where all the us were meeting up. From there we took US-52 south to Spring Valley, through Rochester. Turned east on MN-16 to Preston. Continued on MN-16 and turned north on MN-43 to Winona. Took US-61 north up to Wabasha. Turned east on MN-60 to Zumbrota, which merged on to US-52 north, and then back home.

When I reached home, my ears were ringing so bad that I could barely hear Vivian speak. The palms and fingers on my hands felt like …like they had been holding on to the handle bars of a bike which has traveled 340 miles!

But it was fun! The route from after Rochester to Zumbrota was so beautiful,  and the ride so sweet, that it made up for the small inconveniences of the last paragraph.

riding route






Here is a close up on the map on the real fun part of the ride, the southern loop.

close-up of southern loop











The 6 bikes (yeah, mine was the only cruiser)



Close up of my bike, Suzuki Boulevard M50. The “M” stands for “muscle” (as opposed to the standard “C” for cruiser; this one is a cruiser too, but looks a bit sportier), and the “50” stands for the engine displacement in cubic inches, which equals 805 cc or cubic centimeters.



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4 thoughts on “A looong ride

  1. Vinny

    YAY!! That is one helluva of ride.

  2. Kaustuv


  3. I have cousins in Brooklyn Park!!

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