Roundup of May

Not having one particular topic to focus on, today’s post will take a look back at the important happenings in May.

Flickr, Yahoo’s photo storage/sharing service recently expanded their space to 1 TB, that is, 1 Terra Byte, which equals 1024 GB. If this isn’t a game changer, I don’t know what is. Surprisingly this news was overshadowed by Yahoo’s buying out Tumblr, which seems as epic a deal as Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. (Tangential point: Instagram’s founder Kevin Systrom, was not only included in TIME magazine 100 most influential people for year, but also given a full-page coverage, whereas the CEO of Samsung, Kwon Oh Hyun and the CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, were given 1/3rd page coverage!! Is it just me, or does anybody sees the national (forget the global) significance of a guy who’s claim to fame is to let you apply bad filters to your already crappy cell phone photos?!)

May was the month where 30-year residential mortgage came close to going over the psychologically debilitating, and actual 4%, mark. If the upward trend continues, the days of über cheap mortgages might be drawing to a sharp close.

mortgage rate graph

courtesy: Zillow


Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United, retired after 27 consecutive years in charge. He is, inarguably (and yes, this is one of those times that inarguably is correctly used), the most successful manager of any professional sports team, anywhere in the world, of all time. And this is coming from an Arsenal fan. If you don’t know who Sir Alex is, or what he has done, my first question to you would be: under which enormous rock have you been hiding, for the last 20 years? Any number of links I insert in this post will not be enough. Search, and you’ll be answered.



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One thought on “Roundup of May

  1. My other half is a huge Man U fan, so I know who Sir Alex Ferguson is 🙂

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