Google Nexus 4 – availability and shipping

Just wanted to put this post out on the “newest and hottest” phone out there today. Key word in the last sentence is “today”. The mobile technology is changing so fast that a phone ‘new’ today becomes ‘old’ in a couple of months.

A friend of mine from India asked me to get this phone. Since this is an unlocked phone – that can be used on any GSM network (any provider that uses a SIM card) in the world – it is not bound by any contracts in the US, and can be used anywhere.

The only 2 available buying options were either directly through Google Play or T-Mobile. The latter option is automatically ruled out as it would involve a contract with T-Mobile. When I first checked up on Google Play, the 8 GB model was sold out and there was a 5 to 6 weeks delay on the 16 GB model.

Nexus 4

I put in the order on December 11, last Tuesday. And magically received the phone on December 13! Those elves were working real hard.

Now today, December 17, I went in the Play store and checked – both the 8 and 16 GB models are sold out. My friend, we were in luck (and operating in a very short window of opportunity).

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