This is an out-and-out rant, after reading this article on how much should one tip for services rendered. Pure and utter balderdash.

Why would anyone be REQUIRED to tip? For ANY service. It seems like (no – read it as: The norm is) there are certain favourable profession where it is expected – almost mandatory – to tip, to even ensure basic services that we are already paying for.

Let’s see, who do we tip? Waiters/servers, bartenders, home food delivery guy, hair stylists, parking valets, cab drivers. And few more, you get the gist. Do all these professions pay below the minimum wage? Some do, some do not.

Now, let’s have a look at a list of professions which pays comparable, or lower, or are more menial to the ones listed above. Grocery store employees, workers at a fast food joint, janitors, amusement and recreational assistants, dishwashers, gaming and sports book writers and runners, ushers, ticket takers (look at Table 1 and Table 2 here).

How many of these people do we ever tip? Just because they are “behind the scenes”, out-of-sight-of-mind, not very presentable people? A smiling server comes up to us and asks, “How does the food taste tonight?” and we feel the excruciating impulse to please this unknown person, and say “Good”, even though the truth might be a little farther down the road. We leave a tip –  a 10% or 15% or even 18% or top out at 20% – for this person. On top of the sales tax. Read the last sentence. Most people tip on top of the sales tax – the gross amount you are charged in your check – not just the amount the service was rendered for!

Somewhat arbitrarily society have deemed a certain section of the working class as “people who we must provide gratuity”, never mind if there are certain other sections who are more in need or deserving.

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One thought on “Tipping

  1. So true. We never tip the chef it the food is exceptionally good – it’s always the servers, who for that matter carries the dishes out to the table (that requires very basic motor skills). Tipping is not mandatory or should not be even obligatory. However if it is not obligatory most people would not tip at all. If you think of in India, even when the bill amount goes into thousands people would think twice about paying a tip to the bartender (who, going by what the owner of the place earns, gets peanuts)

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