Brinda Rose

So, Vivian and I have new names now – Mom and Dad; Maa and Baba.

Ok, the vital stats first:

Name (first middle): Brinda Rose (more on that in another post)

Born: June 23rd, 2012 at 7:54 pm Central time

Weight and length: 7 lb 7.2 oz (3.4 kg), 20.3″ (51.5 cm)

Brinda wasn’t due till June 28th, but she came last Saturday. Incidentally (Fate’s sadism showing through?), I was out on a bachelor party on Friday evening. Now, this fact is of grave importance. Not the bachelor party itself, but the fact that I returned home at 2 am on Saturday morning. Any new parent will attest to the lack of sleep for a few days after their baby is born. I got a head start on the sleep deprivation.

Vivian wakes me up on at 4:15 am, with the much-anticipated, but dreaded, “My water broke!”. With barely 2 hours of sleep under my eye-lids, I spring into DR (disaster recovery) mode. But she is calm. Knowing that I haven’t had enough sleep, and the potential of a full day ahead, she said to take it easy and sleep for another hour or so till her contractions start, if I can. That sleep from 4:30 am to 5:30 am made a whole lot difference.

Another nudge at 5:30 am, to let me know her contractions had begun. At 6 am, we call up our doctor and she advises to go to the hospital. By 7 we are on our way. It is 11 miles from our home to the hospital and most of it is freeway. You would assume that early on Saturday morning, I was not to be denied the opportunity to speed – I mean really speed – all the way to the hospital. But you would be wrong. The cops had picked this very day to lay out a speed trap all the way! We saw at least 3 pulled over vehicles, making me drive meekly at 60 mph.

Yet another curve ball awaits us at the hospital. More than 6 weeks ago, we had filled in the online pre-admission form for our hospital. Vivian even has an email confirmation from them, but somehow magically, none of that information was in their system when we arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am. So with Vivian cringing in pain from the contractions, they wouldn’t even hook her up to the monitoring tools before a “registration nurse” completed the registration process. !@#%. Well, on the bright side, things only got better from here on …. Or, did they?

Let’s see. With 3 attempts to find a vein for IV, 2 separate attempts to administer the epidural (with 3  pokes in the 1st try), a Second Stage labor lasting an hour and half, Vivian experiencing 3rd degree tear – yeah, all was well!

Seriously, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Overall our hospital stay was pleasant with the doctors and nurses, especially the nurses, making every effort to help out whenever we needed, and at times, even when we didn’t know we needed help. We also got to see the Spain-France quarterfinal while we were waiting for labor to progress! And everything could have been so much worse. No complaints.

Oh, and did I mention I cried when I first saw her? Oh yeah, because I didn’t. I haven’t cried in public since I was probably 12 years old.

How very clichéd it would be of me to proclaim my love for my daughter! Very, so what?  I love you Brinda! Probably more than anything else in this world.

Happy Us

Mother and daughter

View from the postpartum hospital room

Important skin-to-skin session with Dad

Gorgeous ladies!


Happy Feet

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6 thoughts on “Brinda Rose

  1. Argha Bose

    Congratulations! Plan to call you this coming weekend…God Bless.

  2. Prerna Arya

    Hello Tintindada and Vivian Di ( new parents) ,

    I can only tell from reading the blog how the birth of the first born can be sought with such incidents but she is worth everything . Brinda Rose is the cutest and luckiest baby to have you both as parents. We can’t wait to see her in person . Again, Congratulations to you and Vivian Di and a big welcome to the newest addition to our family, Miss Brinda Rose.

  3. Congratulations!!!!! How exciting!!!

  4. Prasenjit Pramanik

    Beaufiful Daughter……….. beautiful mother……..gr8 dad………..overall a beautiful family!!!!

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Nabanita Dutta

    She is really beautiful.
    For Krishanu and Vivian..wishing a happy parenting and some sleep in the nights.

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