A couple of stories that I found to be profoundly inspirational.

The first piece is about Dawn Loggins, a teenager who was abandoned by her parents; homeless; endured extreme poverty and abuse; worked her way through and came out with a scholarship to Harvard! How absolutely incredible is that?!

The second story is about LeBron James’ standout performance against the Boston Celtics in game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Now I’ve never been a basketball fan. I only start (and stop soon) following it around the conference semi-final/final. I was introduced to King James in 2007 when I went to Cleveland. This was when James was still a Cleveland Cavaliers guy. My cousin, who was 10 years old then, was an ardent follower of the game and I guess, more than an ardent follower of James. I still remember his incredulous face, when I said,  “I don’t know who LeBron James is”! I have since then followed his career – his alleged “treachery” in moving to Miami, the decidedly absurd announcement on ESPN, the subsequent commercial showing his human side, the heart-break last year against Dallas.

Throughout everything, one thing remained quite apparent to me: LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players. I cannot comment on his greatness with respect to past and future eras, but currently he’s a colossus. Another thing, which might not be that apparent to many, about him that I find true of a champion is the measured, and sometime pretty humble, words that he has to say. Having watched live interviews, read printed article on him, he seems to be guy who just wants to play. And win. Badly.

Dispatching off the Celtics in seven games, Miami Heat are currently leading the Oklahoma City Thunders 2-1. Two more games, and 2 more wins, and LeBron James will surely join the ranks of all time greats.

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3 thoughts on “Inspirational

  1. sunshine

    Totally random comment, was looking for your email id but was unable to find it.

  2. Why you ask? Well, because while the popular notion being floated around now remains that winning a title will somehow validate LeBron’s decision to play in Miami, it actually changes nothing about the manner in which LeBron chose to abandon his home team in Cleveland. That he took the short cut in order to win a title and basically go from being regarded as the top player in the NBA to a guy willing to play second fiddle on someone else’s team.

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