European football season 2011-12

Out of the big four European leagues, three – English, Spanish and Italian – ended yesterday, with the German league being wrapped up last weekend.

From some interesting facts and numbers from around Europe, one thing is very clear: The disparity between the top 2 teams in each league and the rest is getting to be too great a chasm for the rest to catch up. The top 2 teams in all the 4 countries seemed to be playing in a league of their own!

Have a look at the standing of the top 6 in each country.

English Premier League – City clinched win with 2 late stoppage time goals to draw level with United on points, on the last game day, and win the championship on goal difference!

Difference between 1st and 2nd placed team:

  • 0 points
  • 8 goal difference

Difference between 2nd and 3rd placed team:

  • 19 points
  • 31 goal difference

German Bundesliga – Munich’s fight ended when Dortmund clinically rode to a solitary goal victory over them on matchday 30

Difference between 1st and 2nd placed team:

  • 8 points
  • 0 goal difference

Difference between 2nd and 3rd placed team:

  • 9 points
  • 25 goal difference

Italian Serie A – Milan’s capitulation to city rivals Inter on the penultimate game day was the last nail in their coffin, though Juve controlled their own destiny

Difference between 1st and 2nd placed team:

  • 4 points
  • 7 goal difference

Difference between 2nd and 3rd placed team:

  • 16 points
  • 24 goal difference

Spanish La Liga – Nowhere is this great divide more apparent than in Spain. Barca’s 4th straight championship dreams were dashed by CR7’s poised finish on matchday 35

Difference between 1st and 2nd placed team:

  • 9 points
  • 4 goal difference

Difference between 2nd and 3rd placed team:

  • 30 points
  • 70 goal difference

Anyone who still says that money can’t buy you trophies?!

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3 thoughts on “European football season 2011-12

  1. Just for the sake of a counter-argument:
    Chelsea came up far behind the leaders in the English league (6th, in fact) pointing to the fact that money only cannot get you trophies; and then again they won the Champions League (admittedly, once in the knock-out stages it requires a string of few 4-5 matches to win it) beating some domestic-league toppers.

    I think the disparity between the top two in Spain and the rest cannot be denied. Put simply, they have bought the best players in Spain and around that shows up as a difference in class in most of their league games. There was a time, about 10 years back when Valencia, Deportivo, and a couple of others were in strong contention for the title along with them.

    On the same (non) disparity note, I’ve noticed that the IPL provides more of a level playing field. Although, the big-money teams are in the play-offs this time around, pretty much everybody has a chance to get to the semi-finals. I guess, there are too many good players around for each franchise to build a fairly good team. It also could be the case of comparing apples to oranges! 🙂

    • Champions League, or any kind of cup competition, is a completely different beast altogether. In a knockout tournament, an one-off performance is enough to see you in the next round. Competing in an actual league, over 38 games, gives the truest sense of depth of a team.

      What Chelsea has achieved this year is remarkable, and it also highlights their tactics: parking the bus in front of the goal and hitting on the counter-attack can be done in a few very important games, as it takes a HUGE toll on players. You cannot do this day in and day out in a league game.

      IPL is a circus. Enjoy while it lasts 🙂 Though the final was the first time ever I watched a full IPL game!

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