Last January I had a post on an 80 deg change in weather – that was a change from Kolkata (in West Bengal, India, Asia) to Minneapolis (in Minnesota, US, North America). Understandable, right. Now consider this scenario, and judge which is worse:

This Tuesday – January 10th, 2012 – we had a high of 53° F (12° C), an all time high for this date ever recorded in The Cities. After a high of a breezy 38° F on Wednesday afternoon, we hit a low of 19° F at night. By Thursday, we were back to a normal(!) 12° F (-11° C). A 41° F change in temperature in the course of 2 days. Not in 2 continents, or in 2 countries, or in 2 states, or even in 2 cities in the same state. In the same freaking city.

Talking about extremes, the mortgage rate for 30-year old loans fell to 3.89% in the US on Thursday, January 12th. This is the lowest on record dating to 1971. Refinancing, anyone?

Another (soon going to ‘record’) low: Team India, after falling to 161 in their 1st innings against Australia in the 3rd test in Perth in the current series, are well and truly on course to their 7th straight loss (and 8th as well, taking the 4th Test in consideration) in away Test matches. After their record 17 straight loss in away Tests from 1959 to 1968, this current streak is the longest. Anymore talk about the ‘golden generation’ is unadulterated balderdash. The IPL killed the Test-star (sing it along the tune of Video killed the radio star).

Now a personal extreme: This week was the 1st 5-day work-week for me since the week ending December 9th, 2011. We might see a 42° F change in 2 days, in the future; the way the mortgage rates have been dropping, another new record low might be just around the corner; Team India might touch new lows. But for me to have 4 consecutive less-than-5-day work week …now that is some record that would be hard to beat!

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