11 hours

That’s how long I slept from last night to this morning! This feels heavenly!

While watching India slump inexorably towards defeat against Australia, I turned the TV on and lay down on the couch. Rachel Maddow started at 11 pm on MSNBC. The last thing I remember was, Zaheer Khan popping a catch to forward short leg. Woke up a few minutes past 3 am, saw the same Rachel Maddow show on (probably the 4th re-run of the night), turned off the TV and the laptop, and trudged off to bed. The internal clock made me peek at the alarm at 7 am but this indiscretion wasn’t allowed to bloom. Finally my body had enough. Woke up, tired, a little after 10 am. Why tired, you may ask. Well, which other activity do you do for 11 straight hours and not be tired at the end?! I was tired after sleeping for 11 hours and needed some rest. So for the rest of the day I’m going to lounge and read River of Smoke by Amitav Ghosh. Possibly till Tuesday.

That brings to me another astounding fact. I’m on a 5 day work-free binge! Saturday, Sunday and Monday are official holidays. And I had 2 remaining vacation days from 2011, which is either use it or lose it. So here I am – enjoying my time at home, alone, while my wife slaves on at work 😀

Since we are on a roll with numbers, here is another statistic (this one on weather, enough about myself): After the 4th highest snowfall in recorded history in the Minneapolis area in 2010-11 winter with 86.6″ of snow, this winter (2011-12) we’ve had  about 10″ of snow till now, and almost all of that is gone from the ground. This was my first ‘brown Christmas’ (as opposed to white Christmas) in all my years in Minneapolis. With today’s temperature of 39 deg F, and New Year to be 40-45 deg F, this December is on course to be the 9th warmest in recorded history.

Ponder on the stats above. Such extremes of climactic changes can mean only one thing. The Mayans were right. The end is near.

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One thought on “11 hours

  1. Vinny


    Have fun! Enjoy your break. I have to probably work through the official holidays from home and I am at work on the last day of this year on campus till 6 or later. Your time off, truly sounds heavenly, maybe I will also enjoy your break vicariously ;). The weather here is gorgeous too…feels like October, not a spot of white.

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