U2 and Def Leppard

I’ve now seen U2 and Def Leppard perform live. That too within a span of 34 days. I can now die.

Oh wait, haven’t yet seen Messi in live action. Cannot die.


I mentioned this is some earlier post: U2 performed in Minneapolis, at the TCF Bank stadium (Minnesota Gophers home ground) on July 23rd .  They were supposed to perform in Minneapolis in Aug 2010, but Bono injured his back and they postponed the tour. I’ve had the tickets since November 2009! Vivian was out of town, I took a friend with me.

To describe the show in one word: Awesome. Even if I do see another show better than this, I’ll probably always refer to this one as the best I’ve ever seen.

Did I mention it was a open air show AND it rained? Thrice, during the show. But instead of turning into a damp squib, the showers, lightening and thunder made it more special. We were soaked to our skins, and loved it.

Anecdote: Since the TCF Bank stadium is a college stadium, no alcohol was allowed inside the stadium. There were a few ‘beer tents’ set up outside the stadium. All these tents had big lines outside them. We had time on our hands and stood in queue. Now this guy comes up behind us, about 50-ish. With his wife and few others. Everyone in the group is a bit tipsy. Starts to chat me up. About how this is so wrong that they won’t allow beer inside the stadium or how he had to join the queue at the end even when he had already purchased beer from this particular location before. Thanks us for letting them cut in line (when in fact he was at the back of the queue) and tells us that our beer is on him! We politely decline, but he is adamant. Starts cracking jokes about his daughter-in-law, who is apparently a part of the group. Once we are in, he almost pulls us to the place he knows is less crowded and promptly orders beer for us!

U2 - Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr, The Edge

To give a perspective of how far we were seated from the stage

And this is a cool link. The U2 FanCam, Gigapixel Camera.


Def Leppard

Def Leppard had performed in Minneapolis (when I was living here), but I was out of town. I had regretted missing out on seeing them live. This year they came back to the Minnesota State Fair, performed on August 26th. Couldn’t find anyone to go with me (I waited till the very last moment!) Vivian wasn’t feeling too well and my friend back out at the last moment . On Friday afternoon – the day of the show – I took put an ad out on Craigslist

Within a couple of hours I had 3 offers. I took the 2nd offer, where the woman was selling at the face value.

One word to describe the show: Rocking!

After the cover bands were done, an interesting thing happened while I was seated in the grandstand stand and just waiting for Def Leppard to come out. A visibly drunken guy walks up to me and says that we wants to be seated next to his friend (who was siting next to me), and was willing to trade tickets with me. I was up in the stand, his ticket was down on the floor, around 26 rows from the stage. Ignoring the alarm bells ringing in my head for this too-good-to-be-true offer, I accepted. Hell, I was alone and had nothing to lose. Worst case, his ticket was fake/stolen/not valid, I would have come back to my original seat and if he hadn’t relinquished it, I would have just stood in the aisle. As it turns out, the traded ticket was a legitimate one, I got great seats and got sugar poured on me!

Vivian Campbell, Rick Savage, Joe Elliot, Phil Collen

Rick Allen - quite possibly the world's best drummer

Top left - where I'd be sitting if I hadn't traded my seat

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One thought on “U2 and Def Leppard

  1. Dippyaman Sengupta

    The U2 concert was REALLY a BLAST….I am glad I went 🙂

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