• Minnesota State Government has shut down since 12:01 am today. Except for essential services, everything else is closed.  The impasse is over the approval of the state budget, which faces a $5 billion deficit. Democrat Governor Mark Dayton plans to fix this with (more) tax on individuals earning over $180K and couples over $300K. He is ready to limit this to only those earning over $1 million. The Republican state Congress do not want any taxes, only spending cuts. Come on folks, get this done!  I’m with Gov. Dayton on this one.
  • This article was a cracker! An email written by a would be step-mother-in-law to the prospective bride, gone viral. On one hand this is so inappropriate, but on the other hand all the points she mentions are actually quite valid points! Given a different context and mode of delivery, these are things I was taught growing up.
  • Have you ever had this moment: you’re walking out of the house/work, talking on the phone; you check to see if you have your wallet and phone in your pocket, and when you don’t find the tell-tale bump in your pocket where your phone is supposed to be, you panic and turn around? And a second later realize, you are actually talking on the phone! Yeah, happens to me a lot.
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