16-step process to make a killing in 2 hours

Last weekend in Vegas, I started with $50 and ended up with $320. That’s a profit of 540%, for just 2 hours of work. Thought I’d share my strategy for all to reap benefit. These are the step by step details that you need to follow to make it happen. Ekdum 100% guarantee. But each of these steps are very important. So, here you go …

1. Have friend in India who is going to come to the US, and visiting Las Vegas

2. Have him and his wife persuade you (and wife) to go meet them in Vegas

3. Buy tickets for flights, book hotel and rent car through Priceline (the more you bundle, the better deal you get)

*4. Fly out to Vegas

5. Drive to Grand Canyon West rim – to get your luck from the spirits. Preferably rent a SUV; we rented a compact car and there is a 14 miles stretch of unpaved, gravelly road where it feels the small car will fall apart. Then again, why mess up the good luck charm?

6. Come back to Vegas

7. Make sure rest of friends and the wife are tucked in respective rooms, sleeping. Undertake the mission alone.

*8. Go to the casino

*9. Take out money from the ATM, at an exorbitant fee (I have a checking account which refunds all fees but this fact is not really important to this flow)

10. Select a Texas Hold ‘Em table where the dealer is waiting for you

*11. Explain to dealer that this is your first time (now this IS very important – has to be your first time, cannot cheat on this). The dealer will, in almost every case, be very helpful

*12. Start with $40

13. Play as long as you can play with those $40

*14. When the time comes you have to place a bet but you’ve run out of chips, take out 10 more dollars and say that’s all you have. The dealer, more often than not, will place the other $10 required to place the bet. (Obviously if you lose, you HAVE to give that $10 back, but important thing to remember is that you aren’t going to)

*15. Start winning. Deal after deal. Even on some deals you don’t have any idea why you won (because it is happening so quickly, not because you don’t understand the game. Now be very careful – you gotta have some understanding of the game)

*16. Play for 2 hours. Leave. I mean, seriously, LEAVE. (At some point during the 2 hours you will be making close to 1000% profit, but still leave at the end of 2 hours)

* Absolutely essential steps.

Couple of photographs from our trip. If you’re interested, more here.

A busy 2 weeks. Last one was in Vegas, the 4th of July one will be in the Outer Banks, NC.

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5 thoughts on “16-step process to make a killing in 2 hours

  1. Vivian

    I won too! Although not nearly as much. I spent $3 on slots and walked away with $5. Of course, the last morning I decided to plug my voucher back into a slot machine instead of the cash machine and promptly lost it all!

    It was a pretty good time though. I wouldn’t mind going back!

  2. aah… why didn’t we try that last time??

  3. Hiten

    This is your tip to winning??? A convoluted 16step process? I think I’ll stay where I am and take my chances with Lotto .. hehe

  4. Here’s an idea! Let’s divide your winnings among all of us bloggers! 🙂

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