Hat trick

The word might conjure up images of a bowler in a cricket match taking 3 wickets in 3 consecutive balls, this being the middle of the World Cup and all that, but hang on, it’s me who we are talking about here! Haven’t played cricket in almost 3 full years (though I have watched ALL of India’s games from 3 am and later on – after we changed over to daylight saving – from 4 am). So what’s all the hullabaloo about hat trick?

Well, you see, I scored my first ever hat trick in football (soccer) in a competitive game since …I don’t know, ever? Right!!

Three goals in a single game. The sense of euphoria, the feeling of exhilaration, the rapturous clapping of team mates, times 3. Sweet, sweet joy.

This exceedingly rare phenomena happened in last Sunday’s game. It was a game in the recreational co-ed league that I play in. All the goals had superb assists from my team mates and my heartfelt thanks to them. And more importantly we won, leaving us clear of the bottom of the table, with a game in hand.

In other news, tomorrow’s the semi-final clash between India and Pakistan. Granted this is big, but wish the (Indian) media didn’t hype it as the ‘mother-of-all-battles’. Hey, haven’t we gone way past of just beating Pakistan, and onto bigger fishes, like beating Australia and South Africa, IN their own backyards?

In non-sports news, I’ve started learning German. My reasons:
a) For a while now I’ve been thinking of learning a new language, more so since Vivian is learning Bangla
b) I wanted to learn a ‘global’ language, i.e. available through Rosetta Stone. That struck off most of the Indian languages from the list
c) A language in which the script, or the alphabet, has similarities to English. That took care of Russian and Chinese/Mandarin
d) That left me with: French, Spanish and German
e) Vivian knows French and French is hard
f) You hear Spanish quite frequently in the US and can pick it up. Moreover Spanish is similar to French, refer point (e)
g) German it is

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3 thoughts on “Hat trick

  1. Neha Arya

    First of all hip hip hurray on the three goals. Were the three goals symbolic of another milestone which you just crossed on Saturday?
    I think German will be easy to pick up, you have Das written all over you 😉

    Hoping to catch the India Vs Pakistan match too…


  2. Vivian

    French is easy. Bangla is hard!

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