Now, that’s multicultural!

It’s 2:30 am on Saturday morning. I came home half and hour ago from a adda session involving the following people:
1. Batur – A Turkish guy living in Minneapolis for over 20 years, with 2 daughters aged 10 and 13
2. Paul – A Brit living here for at least 30 years
3. Oscar – A Mexican, living here for an awful long time. He doesn’t remember the last time he was in Mexico
4. John – 3rd generation Irish/Polish American
5. Katharina – A German woman, working here as an Au Pair
6. Suna – A Turkish/German woman, working as a an Au Pair
7. Pete – A Swiss living here for at least 20 years
8. Bob – A true blue Minnesotan
9. Maggie – Bob’s daughter
10. Ash – From Trinidad
11. Igor – An Ukrainian

Beat that!

Let me go back a bit. I play on 2 recreational football (soccer, for the benefit of my American friends) leagues in Minneapolis. One runs on Friday evenings and the other on Sunday – no specific times on Sunday, I’ve had games at 8 in the morning to 9 at night. The team that I play on Fridays is a motley crew. And after every game, we either go to a) Applebee’s b) John’s place c) Batur’s place – for drinks, snacks and adda. After the game tonight, we were at Batur’s place, drinking beer, snacking on chips and salsa and generally having a good time.

Today’s topics ranged from the Turkish empire, to the Bundesliga (German 1st division football), to the beaches of Cancun, to the commute on 100, to the animosity between Sweden, Norway and Finland and to the Honeywell offices in Frankfurt (Germany), Golden Valley (Minnesota,US) and Bangalore (India) [I’ve physically been to the latter 2 locations and might have seen the building in Frankfurt]

Just another Friday night.

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2 thoughts on “Now, that’s multicultural!

  1. While in grad school our typical get together would be something similar. An American would talk about beer, while an Indian would explain how close Bollywood movies are to reality. A French guy would want world peace and socialism, while a Canadian would be glad that she’s enjoying the warm sub-tropical climate. A certain nationality would talk about how everything related to the Middle East originated from Lebanon. Other nations represented would be Ireland, Turkey, Thailand, Germany, Bangladesh, Algeria, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Egypt.. (ok… ok…. not that many at the same time probably but some combination of them or the other..). People from all different professions would be involved in the adda as well (I explained the concept of ‘adda’ to as many people as would be kind enough to hear). Starting from grad students (of course) in different fields (arts, sciences, etc.), undergrads, professors, to farmers, carpenters, musicians, and so forth. It was no wonder that conversation would always be interesting whenever such a group happened to be at the same place. Being in Southern Louisiana, usually alcohol would be involved in no small amount at these gatherings, which of course meant there were no inhibitions when perhaps a primate research professor would be conducting experiments on unknowing drunk subjects.

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