The Top 10s of 2010

Presenting to you the mother of all top 10s, the TIME’s The Top 10 Everything of 2010. The list is egregiously biased towards the invariably populist nature of such lists, glorifying the prosaic, the sublime and the subliminal.

Though Biz Deals, Buzzwords, World News Stories and under-reported stories provide poignant food for thought.

Warning: If you go through all the items on the TIME list, it will probably take a few hours

Here’s my top 10 for the year. I guess I should clarify, top 10 of what? Happenings around the globe which had profound impact – on the environment, on the economy, on countless lives, on ME either directly, indirectly, emotionally or on some Freudian sub-conscious level.

10. Rafael Nadal becoming the youngest to achieve the career grand slam in the open era

9. Holland’s cynical play and then capitulation to Spain in the final – Bitter-sweet as Holland has always been ‘my’ team, but Spain were undoubtedly the more deserving team

8. GM’s mammoth IPO of $23.1 billion dollarsthe largest IPO in mankind’s history. Boggles the mind. Seriously? GM??

7. Sachin Tendulkar’s 50th test century – I can add nothing more

6. Germany’s annihilation of Argentina – A personal down for me, as Argentina was my second favourite team and the Germans ruthlessly and efficiently demolished the madman’s – El Diego – supremely talented team

5. Eyjafjallajokull – You know it is BIG when a volcano that no one can pronounce disrupts European air traffic for nearly 2 months.

4. India’s 1 wicket win over Australia at Mohali – Laxman, oh Laxman! (and ending the year with another gem against South Africa in Durban). Perhaps the beginning of the end of Aussie domination.

3. 2G scam and in the aftermath, the Nira Radia tapes and Barkha Dutt’s & Vir Sanghvi’s ‘misjudgement’ – Cost India billions of dollars and shred the reputations of the media moguls. Greatbong has a scathing piece on this, here.

2. BP oil spillThe largest accidental oil spill, in ocean, in world history. We all will be paying this debt for a long time to come

1. Haiti earthquake and the Pakistan floods – The former had a casualty of 220,000 and the latter affected some 21 million people

Wishes for a good 2011 to all!

Feel free to put up your top 10s for the year, in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “The Top 10s of 2010

  1. Neha Arya

    This post embodies the saying “brevity is the soul of wit.” Very aptly summarized. I guess the disclaimer in the beginning about the top 10 being based on the “populist, prosaic, sublime and subliminal” helps keep things in perspective. The way you put number 5 was how I had been thinking of the whole thing all the while and did not say it out loud. I confess I did not want to sound inappropriate.

    How about a personal top 10?

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