First responder? Ha, joke is on you

The abject display of moral turpitude shown by the ‘conservatives’ by the action of not only passing the bill to extend the tax cuts for the top 2% of Americans but also, and more importantly, to block the 9/11 first responders bill, is simply beyond the …the casual observer that I am.

This bill would cost around $6-7 billion dollars, over 10 years. And the tax cuts? They would mean a loss of over $700 billion dollars to the government, which the GOP just had to pass before the year ends. But the 9/11 bill, which is effectively one-hundreth of what the tax cuts would cost, cannot be rushed through as it might create “bad legislation”. Besides, convening a Congressional session during the Christmas holidays would be ‘blasphemous’ as who has ever heard of people working during the Christmas week, right??

Wow. Just wow.

Jon Stewart has been waging war on this for some time now. The last episode of The Daily Show for the year was devoted entirely to this cause (probably the first time that there was one central theme to one full show). Full episode can be seen here.

There might still just be hope for the passage of this bill this year, as reported in this article.

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3 thoughts on “First responder? Ha, joke is on you

  1. I watched Sen. Kyle on Fox News Sunday basically say that the $7 Billion price tag was too huge a sum of cash to just pass the bill, with such haste…9 years later….

    How can these people live with themselves? Easily they lack empathy for their common man and are only motivated by power and greed.

    • What makes this even more fantastical is how much mileage the Republican and Faux News brigade has made out of 9/11, with Giuliani and Hannity et all never failing to mention the date at any opportune, or otherwise, moment.

  2. MiltonFriedmanismyhomeboy

    Teabaggers are teabaggers. Oh wait, this was even before the incumbent House members took office.


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