Chris Matthews calling Michelle Bachmann ‘hypnotized’ on election night has drawn criticism!

I watched the show in real-time and this was the most accurate description of her answering any and all questions put to her, without resorting to calling her names. Matthews seemed to be kind to her, not attributing her state of mind to the pre-existing condition but implying she’s under someone else’s spell.

Not only Bachmann, most of the other Republicans seemed to be floating on cloud 9, basking in the glow of the win, incapable of putting thoughts to words. Eric Cantor, the Republican whip, had no answer to how he would account for $700bn lost if the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy would be allowed to go on after this year. After all the talks about cuts on discretionary spending, no Republican could give a specific discretionary spending that would be cut.

Is this a calculated ploy not to give a straight answer to the most direct of questions and in the process of giving out long drawn out, convoluted answers, confuse the viewers what the real question is? If it is, it is working!

One peeve about the MSNBC panel on election night – The little chuckles and snorts, signifying derision and contempt (which is not unwarranted, but certainly not expected of a major new channel), when a Republican was being interviewed, were totalled uncalled for. You are better than this.

All I can say, makes me squirm that Bachmann comes from Minnesota.

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2 thoughts on “Hypnotized

  1. There is no calculation. They have no answers. Years of unrestrained spending and tax cuts have put us into this mess. The old mantra of “fiscal responsibility” is a fallacy in today’s GOP. I heard a congressional candidate days before the election say that he would solve the deficit by returning the remaining stimulus money. sounds like throwing one pebble into a volcano to stop its explosion.

    Sucks about Bachmann being from your state, can you imagine the shame Pennsylvania must feel for all of its politicians, especially those of us from the Philadelphia area, we are East Coasters dealing with the ‘Bama of the rest of the state…

    • Yeah, ‘fiscal responsibility’ – almost an oxymoron for the GOP when the cost of both the wars, which they started, is over $1.1 trillion now. That would take care of the deficit!

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