Durga Pujo

Being in the US, the 5 days of Pujo are generally sandwiched into the weekend. Here, it is being held from Oct 15 to 17. Vivian and I are going to be there today. We will be attending Vivian’s Bangla class from 10 to 11 and then going to the Pujo directly. She has already picked her outfit for the day, while I, with only 2 options, am still to decide on my attire.

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4 thoughts on “Durga Pujo

  1. Happy Belated Durga Puja!

    Where does Vivian take a Bengali class? Right now I’m focusing on learning Hindi, but picking up some Bangla would be useful, since my husband’s family tends to speak a mish-mash of Hindi, English, and Bengali.

    • Shubho Bijoya!

      We recently discovered this place SILC where they offer classes in various Indian languages. Once a week, for 45 minutes, running from September to May. I’m not sure if they have chapters in different cities. Classes are generally for kids but anyone is welcome. In the Bangla class, besides Vivian, there is another American woman, with a Bengali husband, and a 13 year old kid. Works well for us.

      In most Bengali families, from Kolkata, the language spoken at home is a mish mash of Bangla, English and Hindi (in that order). Since learning any language is tough, specially when you’re an adult, we’ve decided that Bangla is the only language that Vivian will focus her efforts on. Interestingly, how when I was growing up, I picked up Hindi due to the overwhelming presence of Bollywood films and not by taking a formal course in Hindi, though in middle school we did have Hindi as the third language.

  2. markin muluke khasa pujo. ta ki ektai chobi tulle

  3. Anindya

    A very ‘bong’ pic. I like the way the diffused lights lends to the charm of the setting, and of course the romantic chemistry between the two of you.

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