Picture this:

You are watching a drama, on television. You think this is different from other shows since this is “reality” TV. The characters will be unpredictable; the outcome is unknown.

Except, that it is not. The characters are molded into what the viewers would like them to be, and the outcome is very, very scripted.

Take an original show on TV. One that is conceptualized, thought out, characters developed, direction provided, has a story or a narration, production value given ample thought, cast assembled with real actors. Now, take that same show and strip it off the last 3 aspects, mentioned in the last sentence. The 3 most important factors in a show: a story-line, good production, and starring people who can really act.

What you’re left with, is reality TV.

No story line. No production value. No one knows how to act. And if you thought the only saving grace would be the spontaneous nature of the reality TV, welcome to reality. All reality shows ARE scripted.

One of life’s big mysteries: why would anyone want to watch a reality show?

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