And by popular I mean rivaling (American) football and baseball, or even basketball and (ice) hockey.

This CNN article gives a glimpse of the various facets the author sees that can be blamed, and he does touch upon the two primary reasons I feel know, why it is very difficult for soccer to even come close to other sports in the US.

Food and drinks. The two reasons why soccer will never be popular in the US.

Let me explain.

What is the running time of a NFL game? 1 hour. What is the running time of a NBA game? 48 mins. What is the running time of a NHL game? 60 minutes.

How long does an American football game last? Three to 3 and half hours. How long does a basketball game last? Around 2 and half hours. The hockey game? Two and half hours. And let’s not even talk about baseball. Not for nothing is it called America’s pastime.

So, on an average, fans attending these games will have plenty time on hand to:
a) Eat
b) Drink
c) Stand in line to purchase the edible and drinkable stuff
d) Stand in restroom lines to relieve themselves of a) and b)
e) Walk back and forth between their seats and numerous trips for c) and d)

Time on hand to do the above stuff:
1. NFL – 2 and half hours
2. NBA – 1 hour and 42 mins
3. NHL – 1 and half hours
4. MLB – The whole 3 and half hours!

A soccer game is on for 90 minutes, plus any added minutes for injury time in either half. So let’s say a grand total of 100 minutes of actual playing time. Add to that the only 15 minutes of time between the 2 halves, in which you get a drink, go to the restroom, and come back to your seat. In anticipation of not missing out on any goals. You know that if you miss the action for a few seconds, you might miss out on the solitary goal in the entire game. Anticipation – this is what makes watching soccer for 90 minutes so worth it.

You see, the gameday experience for Americans is all about having a good time – with food, drinks and a win for the team you are rooting for, to cap it off. If the team loses, oh crap. Life goes on.

What say, ya’ all?